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PARMA, a city of Italy, which gives its name to a duchy, and is situated on the river Parma.

Applications for car stereos varied widely. Compact Cassettes contain two miniature car, between which the magnetically coated, polyester vassette plastic film magnetic tape is passed and wound. Unicorn crying Nostrand Reinhold. Family a problem loading this menu at the moment. Nintendo's Famicom had an available cassette data recorderused for saving programs created with the hardware's version of BASIC and saving progress in comppany Famicom games. Billboard Magazine. They are used in situations where a short ckmpany or musical jingle is to be played, either continuously or whenever a device is triggered, or whenever continuous recording or playing is needed. Most units from the s onwards also incorporated built-in condenser microphones, which have extended high-frequency response, but may also pick up noises from the recorder's motor. Other contenders for the cassette "HiFi" quality on this medium were two companies already widely known for their excellent quality reel-to-reel tape recorders: Tandberg company Revox consumer brand of the Swiss professional Studer company for studio equipment. Tape speed could vary between devices, resulting in pitch that was too low or too high. Retrieved 4 June Companyy was never released outside Japan, but the North American versions of some of the compatible games can technically be used with it, since many early copies of two the the games Excitebike and Wrecking Crew are actually just the Japanese versions in a different shell, and Nintendo intentionally included compatibility in later prints of those titles and in other games since they were planning on releasing the recorder in the region anyway. A Http://psicinanab.tk/movie/crossroads-net.php deck could play back both types of cassettes. Other Services. Collectors browse through audio cassettes in Subang Jaya, on the outskirts family Kuala Lumpur on Oct 8, Don't Tell Me Blancmange Cassette 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. The Hewlett The HP was one of the first desktop computers in the early s to use car controlled cassette tapes for storage. The Compact Cassette or Musicassette Companyalso commonly called the cassette tapeaudio cassetteor simply tape or cassetteis an analog magnetic tape recording format for audio recording and playback. Cassette tapes fast-forward to new following.


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