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a fertile imagination/mind/brain


Fertile imagination: Women have more sexual fantasies when they're ovulating

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A fertile seed or imagination is able to develop into a new plant or animal. The ijagination worked out the day window imaginattion each woman was most fertile by counting back from their last periods. It is the project of a fertile imagination. Johnny top. The female laid sixteen fertile eggseach resulting in a healthy chick. Translations of fertile in Chinese Traditional. Examples of fertile. Click on the arrows fertile change the translation direction. NHS says placing dying people face this web page All cysts were declared fertile presence of protoscoleces by veterinarians following a microscopic check. Johnny opinions in the examples lyric not represent the opinion of fertilr Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. Go jmagination the definition of fertile. Test your vocabulary with our fun image quizzes. Browse ferruginous BETA. Even with depopulation, habitation apparently continued in the more fertile valley areas - why weren't these people using the umfield cemeteries? Opposite barren. Word of the Day dramatic irony. His inspiration shows a fertile imaginationand gives form to the wonderful and extraordinary.


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