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Life and Nothing More (La Vida y Nada Más)


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In his sophomore feature effort, the filmmaker used his script merely as a blueprint, enabling each scene to be formed organically in the moment. So closed off has her personal life become that she immediately deflects the advances of a kindly stranger, Robert Robert Williams , no relation to Regina , as soon as he shows interest in her. It is the white father, fearing the safety of his pregnant wife and young child, who chooses to walk from the left corner of the frame to the right, badgering the unresponsive boy with condescending questions designed to make him leave.

If Andrew had filmed the man with an iPhone, the video may have become yet another logged display of racism that went viral. Without ever spelling it out, Esparza shows us how our treatment of one another as members of the same human family is a direct rebuke to the divisions enforced by tyrants to keep us frightened and isolated. Andrew Bleechington as Andrew.

Regina Williams as Regina. Robert Williams. Ry'nesia Chambers. Reviews Life and Nothing More. Matt Fagerholm October 24, In theaters.

The Plot Against America. Phoenix, Oregon. Heimat Is a Space in Time. Film Credits. Latest blog posts.

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